From class discussions, I have become very interested is organic foods and the debate on whether organics is actually better for you.  I think it’s fascinating that so many studies have come out that say organic really isn’t more nutritious or healthier for your body.  From research and class discussions, I learned that organics is really all about the pesticides.  Conventionally grown fruits, dairy, meat, etc can carry pesticides, which can be harmful to the body.  However, this makes me wonder- how bad are pesticides?  Are they something you can just wash off after you buy them?  

It will be very interesting to look into the debate on organic and non organic foods!

The Future Of Food


I thought this film was very eye opening!  Overall, I was most surprised to learn about the court cases between the farmers and Monsanto.  I can’t believe that Monsanto could sue over corn seeds flying off trucks!  It was mind blowing to me that the court would even accept a case like this.  How can anyone control the wind?  The farmers weren’t even aware that the seeds were flying into their land, so it’s surprising that they were getting in trouble for this.  It also makes me wonder what happened during these court cases.  It’s suspicious what the company was doing since they wouldn’t let anyone involved talk about the case.  It’d be very interesting to hear what all went on!

Another point I really enjoyed discussing today was the debate about oil and organic foods.  It’s crazy that we rely on other countries to deliver our foods.  It seems so simple to just buy local – it’s the best tasting, best for our local businesses, and healthiest- yet we are getting our apples from China and other fruits and vegetables from who knows where.  When we depend on other countries to supply our oil, or our own supply is running low, what happens when it goes dry?  How are we going to get our imported foods over to the U.S. when we don’t have any oil to transport them?  

This film definitely opened my eyes to many different food discussions!  After seeing this film, the main thing I’d like to bring into my life is trying to eat as much local foods as possible!

The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Right from the start, the first part of The Omnivore’s Dilemma had me thinking. “What should I have for dinner?” It should be one of the easiest and most exciting questions of the day! However, I’m afraid to say I’m one of those that makes this question uneventful. When I wish I could prepare a flavorful and exciting meal to be proud of- a meal that has whatever I think sounds good in it, dinner instead usually consists of something quick and “healthy” (on a good day). Embarrassingly enough, I am one of those who will try and cut out as much bread as possible- for a couple days or so, until I can’t bare it any longer- to watch my weight. The question is, why? I enjoy bread. No, I love bread- all kinds of bread! Just because I read in a magazine or see a segment on TV that says carbs are bad for you, I immediately listen. The book had me thinking, are all these “diet” tips actually true? Of course not! Good foods and bad foods will change daily. So, instead of trying to stray away from “unhealthy” foods- and foods that I love- why not just enjoy what you’re eating? My new goal is to eat what I want, when I want it! That doesn’t mean I can’t still try and be healthy. I think the whole thing here is that I’m not actually being healthy when I think I am. It’s a new year and time for new foods!

Last Night’s Dinner.

Last night was taco night. It all started while my roommates and I were doing some grocery shopping. We tried to think of something cheap, easy, and delicious- which isn’t an easy combination. After going up and down the aisles plenty of times, we all finally decided tacos hit the spot. The store was packed and we scurried through the crowds to find some beef, tortillas, shredded cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. Then, we quickly made our way to the check out aisle and headed home with growling stomachs. Right when we got home, we cooked up the beef, cleaned the lettuce, and set out the other toppings. We each prepared our tacos and finally got the chance to sit down and enjoy them. It was wonderful getting to sit around and catch up with the roommates. We rarely have time to eat together, let alone cook, anymore with our busy schedules full of school and work. We scarfed down our tacos but were in no hurry to finish conversation.